Human life begins at the moment of conception.  Any decision made to terminate that life, whether the baby has yet crossed the birth canal or not, represents an unacceptable affront to that child.  Consequently, I am against abortion except in the rarest of circumstances such as when the baby is not viable and when the mother's life is imminently at risk.

Further, the appropriate place for the enactment of policies regarding abortion lies with the states, not with the federal government.  Consequently, I ardently support the repeal of Roe v. Wade, either through legislation or judicial decree.


America's wasteful and irresponsible spending practices represent a threat to her financial stability and, ultimately, to her security.  Since the passage of the Sixteenth Amendment, our history serves as a case study on what happens when politicians already addicted to money and power are given access to a virtually unlimited source of capital.  

Sadly, politicians alone cannot be trusted at reigning in irresponsible government spending.  The only solution to our nation's spending crisis is the passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment along with replacements of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Amendments with provisions closer to those which the Framers intended.


The decisions on how to educate our children must be kept with the parents and their teachers.  More than any other agency or organization, the Department of Education has worked to disrupt the necessary relationship between parents and their children's schools and to morph the content of what is taught to our children, particularly in history and civics.  I am an ardent supporter of steps that would return religious education to our schools, private and public, and to parents regaining control of the information being disseminated to their children under the guise of academia.


Our environment is the greatest treasure bestowed to us by God.  As such, we must treat it with the greatest care and with an eye towards preserving it for the future enjoyment of our posterity.  But the facade of environmental protection has been used to zealously to impede innovation, job production, and our national stability.  Although we must continue to pursue more environmentally sound energy alternatives, we must do so intelligently and always careful not to fall into a trap aimed at global wealth redistribution and at lowering America's global standing.

Offshore Drilling

In an increasingly tumultuous world, America must explore every opportunity at achieving energy self-sufficiency.  In that light, I am convinced that offshore drilling can be performed safely.  Crucial to that effort is removing the needless geographical restrictions making it more difficult and dangerous to access America's precious fuel sources and to rapidly respond to potential mishaps.  

Although I am concerned about our present abilities to safely harness fuel sources under our seas, I am averse to a blanket opposition to offshore drilling since it is tantamount to admitting that mankind is incapable of surmounting even the most daunting of tasks.

Health Care

Health care is arguably the largest and most intimately impactful silo of government regulatory oversight.  Although health care policy is extremely complex, clearly, the most appropriate place for decisions to be made regarding one's health care is in the doctor's office.  As such, the best approach to health care legislation is to minimize government's regulatory sphere of influence and to leave the decision-making as close to the patient as possible.  This means moving heath care policy decisions away from the federal government and placing them in the hands of the various states where they more properly belong.


The United States has the inherent right to control its borders and to determine who crosses it and under what circumstances.  Many of the problems regarding illegal immigration stem from the federal government's longstanding negligence in securing our borders and in enforcing our immigration laws.  It is high time that these trends are reversed.  Our nation's borders must be secured and our immigration policies enforced.  These efforts must include the implementation of E-Verify, measures aimed at identifying and deporting people who have overstayed their visas, and yes, the construction of physical barriers to immigration.


America's roads are in disrepair, and our major airports are aged and decaying.  The federal government must play a strong and decisive role in improving and upgrading our nation's ailing infrastructure.  I support efforts aimed at improving our roads, bridges, and highways.  Additionally, I will make every effort at modernizing our seaports and airports inclusive of implementing the security measures necessary to avert threats to our citizens.  I generally support mass and rapid transit alternatives to our transportation designs, so long as they are self-sufficient and do not place ongoing budgetary strains on our citizens.

Jobs and the Economy

America's greatest days lie ahead of her, not behind her.  But achieving this era of unparalleled economic growth and wealth expansion can only take place under the influence of the invisible hand of innovation and self-improvement described by Adam Smith, and not at the behest of government.  As such, the most effective way of growing the economy and promoting job creation is for government to get out of the way.  America became the land of opportunity because its citizens were free to pursue their passions and not because they could apply to yet another dysfunctional government program.

National security

Protecting its citizens from the encroachments of enemies, foreign and domestic, is the single, most important, function of government.  Indeed, the principal reason for the adoption of the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution is the quest for a stronger national position to better protect the citizenry.  

Although the names of the threats may have changed, the gravity of the role of government at successfully repelling them have not.  The United States, therefore, must continue to maintain a robust position in its international dealings so as to avert even the thought of an encroachment against its citizens.


America's greatest ally in the Middle East is the State of Israel.  Few relationships are as pivotal to the continuation of regional stability than the one United States shares with Israel.  With commons interests in the promotion of stable democracies and in the respect for human rights, the continuation of a robust relationship between these two regional partners and the promotion of each nation's financial and military strength is paramount to a long and lasting peace, not only in the Middle East, but globally.  Read my position paper here.


The single greatest threat to global stability is the disruptive and destabilizing influence of the Iranian regime.  With its goals of establishing a corridor to the Mediterranean Sea and achieving the destruction of Israel, the Iranian government will stop at nothing to spread terrorism and hate to the rest of the world.  America's policy must therefore be one of containment and disruption.  A nuclear Iran is an unacceptable addition to the community of nations, and the United States, along with its friend in Israel, must ascertain such a reality never materializes. 

North Korea

Kim Jung Un, with his paranoid and erratic behavior, represents a menace to the United States and the community of peaceful nations.  For too long, the United States has allowed for the expansion and fortification of this oppressive regime.  I strongly agree with President Trump's position that North Korea can only be treated with a firm hand and an uncompromising posture.  The only language Kim Jung Un understands is the strength of its adversaries.  The United States does have a bigger button than North Korea, and it should continue to capitalize on that advantage. 


Vladimir Putin's highest priority is the restoration of the global dominance of the old Russian Empire regardless of the effects upon its neighbors.  
Obama's approach of achieving a diplomatic solution is a predictable failure and must be replaced with a policy predicated on Russia as a global adversary.  I firmly support continued sanctions against Russia, the restoration of a strong and robust American presence in Eastern Europe, and the disruption of Russia's clandestine network of destabilizing influences throughout the world.  I am hopeful that incoming National Security Advisor John Bolton will provide a more effective approach at dealing with Russia.

Second Amendment

The right of the people to keep and bear arms cannot be infringed.  Whether it be in support of a well-regulated militia, for self defense, sport, or to avert the tyranny and oppression that inevitably follows the disarming of a nation's population, legislators must resist the misguided urge promoted by those on the left to infringe our Second Amendment rights.  The results of such cavalier and callus legislation is the deterioration of our safety and our moral standing.


"The power to tax is the power to destroy” – So said John Marshall, America's most prolific Supreme Court Justice.  Unquestionably, taxes are needed for government to carry out its functions, but it is a tool to be exercised with great care.  Government cannot create wealth through its taxation policy, but rather can only take it for its own gain.  The soundest taxation policy, therefore, is minimalistic.  The less government takes from the people, the more the people can use their money in a manner that benefits them, their own wealth, and their financial stability.