Call to Action: Deposition and Emergency Motion Filed

Dear Friends and Colleagues:
This morning, the Sarasota Herald Tribune published the vilest attack against my campaign, my practice, my medical partner, and me.  An attack that ignores not only my standing in the community and the medical profession, but that of my colleague, my practice, and worst of all, the standing of a woman who recently lost her husband and is being manipulated by a pair of ruthless and opportunistic trial attorneys for their personal gain.
The article focuses on a frivolous lawsuit brought against my partner, Dr. Tracy Ng, regarding the tragic death of a patient.  The publication of this article is the latest and cruelest attack on my reputation by an ethically challenged and morally repugnant trial attorney. 
For starters, I am not a party to this suit (I am a fact witness).  My opponent, a lobbyist and trial lawyer, in true, trial lawyer fashion, decided to smear my practice by placing this story in the newspaper, and the Sarasota Herald Tribune allowed itself to be used in his scheme.  The use of an ongoing litigation, of which I am not a party, for the purposes of political expediency, without regard of the effects this action may have on the lives of others represents the lowest of human behaviors.
If you are a physician, this case exemplifies the level of inhumane behavior trial attorneys will go to make money at the expense of our patients and our practices.  If you are a voter, this case exemplifies the precise reason why good, capable, God-loving people refuse to run for office and refuse to place themselves in a position where they can elevate policy discussions in our country.
I need your help to respond to this vile attack – and I need it today.  There are only 18 days until the election and we have no time to waste.   Please contribute $50, $100, $1000, or even $2700 from your personal account today, and help me put an end to this type of slime once and for all.
In November 2013, on the day after President Obama was reelected, I asked my wife to let me run for office.  One of my motivations, I explained to her, was that good, hard working people were being intimidated out of running for office much to our country's detriment, and to the detriment of our political discourse.  This is exactly what I was talking about.
I hope I can count on you to help me elevate the debate and defeat the man behind this scurrilous attack.  With your help, we can help guarantee that he never seek public office again.

UPDATE EMERGENCY MOTION FILED: Dr. Julio Gonzalez has filed an emergency motion against plaintiff attorney George Williamson in a frivolous lawsuit filed against one of Dr. Gonzalez’s colleagues.  Dr. Gonzalez is not a defendant in the suit, but Williamson filed a “Response” recklessly and maliciously claiming negligence on behalf of Dr. Gonzalez on the same day Dr. Gonzalez was endorsed by the Port Charlotte Sun and had called him one of the "best educated candidates in any race" and superior to his opponents in "depth of knowledge and demeanor."

Attorney Marjorie Chalfant, representing Gonzalez's medical practice, filed the motion on August 14, 2018, asking the Court to: 1) strike Williamson’s “Response;” 2) award sanctions against Williamson for flagrant and egregious abuse of the judicial process; 3) confirm that Dr. Gonzalez is not a defendant in the matter; and 4) order a change of venue for trial given the obvious tainting of the potential jury pool with false and spurious information. 

Vickie Brill