Steube Worked as Registered Lobbyist While Serving as State Legislator

Profits off local government at the expense of taxpayer

(Venice, Fla.) – State Senator Greg Steube, elected to represent Southwest Florida, pressured Sarasota County to hire his firm at $120,000 a year – and pay him to do the job he was elected to do.  In an article in today’s SRQ Daily, the publication details how Steube personally pushed Sarasota County to drop their Washington lobbying firm, Holland & Knight, and hire him.

Read Steube’s personal letter to Sarasota County urging them to hire him as a lobbyist.

“Greg Steube was elected to represent Sarasota County and defend their interests,” said Dr. Julio Gonzalez.  “It’s breathtaking to see Senator Steube brazenly using his position as Senator to pressure local government to pay him to do his job.  It’s people like Greg Steube who the fuel anger and frustration with Washington.”

This November, voters will be able to vote on a Constitutional Amendment that specifically bans Steube’s unethical activity.  The amendment will prohibit members of the state legislature from lobbying the federal government for a period of six years following their service in the legislature.

Steube also lobbied for other special interests.  You can see Steube’s multiple lobbying registrations and filings below.

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