Desperate Steube Launches Pathetic Attack

(Venice, Fla.) – Today, Greg Steube, candidate for the 17th Congressional District, even though he lives in the 16th District, launched a pathetic attack against Dr. Julio Gonzalez.

“Greg Steube is showing the frustration of a bad campaign by launching such a pathetic attack on Dr. Gonzalez,” said Jason Roe, consultant for the Gonzalez campaign.  “Dr. Gonzalez was a campaign co-chairman for Marco Rubio for President and Steube is dragging out old tweets from the battle for the Republican nomination to try to mislead Republican voters.  Dr. Gonzalez supported Donald Trump for President and has consistently reaffirmed his support for the President in numerous public statements, forums, and podcasts.  Greg Steube knows this but his campaign is so bad it’s all he has to work with.”

“I am a proud supporter of President Trump and am incredibly proud of his agenda,” said Dr. Gonzalez. “One of the reasons I decided to run was to help the Trump Revolution in Congress and I can’t wait to get there and help roll back regulations, make the Trump tax cuts permanent, and end illegal immigration.”

Steube’s lame attack comes just 2 days after the Gonzalez campaign announced another big fundraising quarter, raising $225,000 in the period ending June 30th.


Jason Roe