Dr. Julio Gonzalez is an Orthopedic Surgeon practicing in Venice, Florida. He is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, attorney, and a conservative author and constitutionalist.

As a member of the Florida House of Representatives, serving South Sarasota County, Dr. Gonzalez passed legislation to bring life-saving medication to hundreds of Floridians dying from opioid overdoses.  He’s been instrumental in protecting Floridians’ religious freedoms and consistently stood up for the Second Amendment.  He’s also been key in passing legislation to help our active duty military personnel and veterans, and was a pivotal force in promoting the effort to expand and improve River Road, South Sarasota and Charlotte Counties’ principal evacuation route.

Dr. Gonzalez was born in Miami after his parents fled Cuba’s communist regime in 1961. He graduated with Honors from Belen Jesuit High School and went to the University of Miami School of Medicine, followed by a commission to the United States Navy. As a Flight Surgeon, he was twice deployed aboard the U.S.S. America serving in conflicts in the Persian Gulf, Mediterranean, Yugoslavia, and Somalia.  In 2010, he attended Stetson University College of Law where he graduated with honors

Dr. Gonzalez has written two books on the United States Constitution and on federal health care policy, Health Care Reform: The Truth and The Federalist Pages.  His passion for the Constitution has resulted in his website, TheFederalistPages.com, housing more than 40 podcasts on the issues of the day.  He is also a co-host of a conservative radio show, Right Talk America with Julio and Rod.

Julio lives in Venice with his wife of 27 years, Dr. Gina Arabitg, a solo-practicing gynecologist. Julio and Gina are the proud parents of Monica Gonzalez, an opera singer, and Jessica Gonzalez, a senior at Venice High School who also serves as President of the Student Body.